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Other Products

Water TankLow Profile Water Tanks


  • Recessed ports to accommodate various plumbing configurations
  • No threaded or cemented joints; accepts Fernco® rubber couplers and clamps
  • Heavy-duty thick wall construction
  • Quicker installation time than competitors
  • Provides versatile storage under office trailers on job sites


Waterworks - Fresh WaterFresh Water Systems


It's the perfect accessory for office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs, lunch rooms, portable showers, sinks and fresh-water flush portable toilets.

Wherever people work, the WaterWorksTM Water is delivered on demand by a on-demand electrical pump. Designed to operate on regular household current, the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off.

Easy to Install, Service, Clean and Transport

  • Only 46 pounds empty, it can be carried to the service site by one person.
  • The dimensions, 60" high by 23" wide are designed to fit inside even the smallest closet.
  • It can be plumbed to fill from outside the trailer.
  • When it is time to empty and remove it, water quickly drains through its 1" valve.
  • Cleaning the inside is easy through the 10" diameter access cover at the top.
  • The tank is semi-transparent, so that customers or service personnel can tell at a glance how much water is left.

Portable Showers

Fleet Cold Shower

Fleet Cold Shower


Our Fleet Cold Shower unit with shower grated floor and privacy shower curtain gives your customers the opportunity to really feel refreshed.

  • Valve operation dispenses 2.5 gallons / 9.5 liters of water per minute.
  • Requires pressurized, fresh water source and a connection to a grey water sewage disposal system. Check out our Waterworks Fresh Water Delivery System.
  • Standard garden hose connection.
  • 2 inch drainage pipe.

*Hot water option available






Fleet Hot ShowerFleet Hot Shower


Nothing beats a hot shower, especially in the field, in emergency situations, or on the campground. The Fleet Hot Shower runs off a normal 3A, 240-V power supply. A 25-watt light illuminates the shower interior. Fitted into our Fleet cabin is a grated floor with 2" drainage port. The Hot Shower includes a shower curtain, a lockable door and a clothes bag.

  • 240-Volt or 110-Volt available.
  • The Fleet Hot Shower is fitted with a thermostatic Mixer Valve to keep a constant warm temperature.
  • RCD protected plus overheat protection.
  • 2.4-litre capacity tank.
  • Simple standard garden hose connection to rear of unit.
  • Percussion Switch operation with 20sec shower burst.
  • 25w Light
  • 3kva generator to power unit and 1bar fresh water pressure required.


 Septic Tanks

Septic Tank

  • Use native soils for backfill
  • No water needed during backfilling
  • Pre-plumbed according to state code
  • Accepts 4" effluent filters

PRE-PLUMBED: Norwesco Bruiser tanks are shipped to you ready for installation. Our pre-plumbed tanks include tee assemblies installed at the inlet and outlet. Tees are sized/cut according to each state code so the tank that you receive will be ready for installation.

WATERTIGHT LID: Bruiser tanks are furnished with a watertight domed lid. This improved design is significantly stronger than other lid designs. When leaving our factory, the lid is attached to the tank with stainless steel screws and comes standard with a foamed, polyethylene gasket between the lid and the tank. The gasket provides a watertight seal at the lid area.